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Report concerning aviation accident on the Cape Heer Heliport, Svalbard, Norway, 30 March 2008 with Mil Mi-8MT, RA-06152, operated by Spark+ Airline Ltd.

A Russian Mi-8MT helicopter had flown a mission for the coalmining company Trust Arktikugol and was about to land on the home base Cape Heer on Svalbard, Norway when the accident happened. There was dry, fresh snow in the landing area. The helicopter whirled up snow and the crew lost visual references. As the helicopter was about to touch down, the crew initiated a balked landing to the west in the extension of the approach. Without visual references, and affected by wind from the north, the helicopter deviated from its course and it hit a 12-metre tall hangar and fell to the ground. The commander, flight engineer and one passenger were fatally injured. Three other persons were seriously injured. The investigation has shown that the operator has a potential for improvement as regards crew cooperation and standardising procedures for landing in powdery snow. Furthermore, the use of safety belts can reduce the risk level considerably.


Location Cape Heer, Svalbard
Occurrence date 30.03.2008
Aircraft Øvrige helikoptre
Registration RA-06152
Meteorological conditions VMC
County Svalbard/Jan Mayen
Type of occurrence Accident
Type of operation Commercial, other
Category of operation Heavy, helicopter (> 2 250kg)
Aircraft category Helicopter, Multi-engine, Turboprop/turboshaft

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