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Published reports

Published reports

Report Aircraft type Registration Occurrence date Location Lang. Safety recommendation
2021/13 Beech King-Air B200 LN-NOA 09.04.2018 Stavanger airport Sola Norsk
2021/12 Robinson Helicopter Company R44 II LN-OAL 24.07.2018 Skäckerfjällen mountains, Jämtland, Sweden (close to the Norway - Sweden border) Norsk
2021/11 Dyn'Aero MCR01 ULC (mikro-/sportsfly) LN-YWE 21.01.2020 Kongsvinger airstrip Gjoelstad, Norway Norsk 1
2021/10 Textron Aviation Inc. U206F LN-FXP 07.08.2020 Bunnefjorden, Nesodden, Norway Norsk
2021/09 Airbus Helicopters AS 350 B3E LN-OFQ 06.04.2020 Sviland, Sandnes municipality, Norway Norsk
2021/08 Piper Aircraft Inc. PA-18-150 LN-KCH 10.01.2021 Starmoen airfield, Norway Norsk
2021/07 MDHI (HUGHES) 369D SE-JVJ 01.08.2019 Follebu, Gausdal municipality, Norway Norsk
2021/06 ICP Savannah VG (mikro-/sportsfly) LN-YZU 10.07.2020 Øian airport Meråker, Norway Norsk 3
2021/05 Boeing Airplane Company BOEING A75N1 LN-STM 15.10.2020 Stavanger airport Sola (ENZV), Norway Norsk
2021/04 Piper Aircraft Inc. PA-46R-350T LN-TMJ 25.02.2020 Rakkestad airport Åstorp, Norway Norsk
2021/03 eng Pipistrel Alpha Electro LN-ELA 14.08.2019 2 NM east of Arendal Airport Gullknapp (ENGK), Aust Agder County, Norway English 4
2021/02 Rolladen-Schneider Flugzeugbau LS8-18 LN-GCG 29.07.2020 Near Oppdal airport Fagerhaug, Norway (ENOP) Norsk
2021/01 Alexander Schleicher ASK 21 LN-GIB 23.07.2020 Near Elverum airport Starmoen, Norway (ENSM) Norsk
2020/24 Cessna Aircraft Company U206E LN-BEM 17.06.2017 Lake Frøylandsvatnet in Time municipality in Rogaland county / Norway Norsk
2020/23 Van`s Aircraft INC (EX) RV-4 LN-AAR 02.05.2016 Ålesund Airport Vigra, Norway (ENAL) Norsk
2020/22 Rolladen-Schneider Flugzeugbau GmbH LS4-B LN-GCM 23.09.2018 Near Hokksund Airfield, Norway Norsk
2020/21 Schempp-Hirth DISCUS 2B LN-GDE 16.04.2019 Starmoen Airport (ENSM), Hedmark County, Norway Norsk
2020/20 Glasair Aviation LLC SPORTSMAN 2+2 LN-WWW 15.02.2020 Reinsvoll airport (ENRV), Norway Norsk
2020/19 Cessna Aircraft Company R182 LN-IPR 26.09.2019 Trondheim airport Værnes, ENVA, Norway Norsk
2020/18 Rotorway International EXEC 162F LN-OSV 28.06.2019 Veland, Strand Municipality, Rogaland County, Norway Norsk
2020/17 eng Robinson R44 LN-OGF 23.03.2019 Stavnes, Vestfold og Telemark county in Norway English
2020/16 eng ATR-GIE Avions de Transport Régional ATR 72-212A OY-JZC 14.11.2016 70 NM NNE of Bergen, Norway English
2020/15 Cessna Aircraft Company 172S LN-KAB 24.04.2020 Tisleifjorden, lake in Gol municipality, Viken county, Norway Norsk
2020/14 eng Boeing Commercial Airplane Group 787-9 ET-AUP 17.12.2018 Oslo airport Gardermoen, Norway (ENGM) English 3
2020/13 Cessna Aircraft Company 172S LN-AZA 03.01.2020 Sola TMA (ENZV), between Lysefjorden and Hunnedalen, Norway Norsk
2020/12 eng Piper Aircraft Inc. PA-28-161 LN-MTJ 22.06.2019 English 2
2020/11 eng Robinson Helicopters R44 II LN-ORH 17.02.2019 Røldal, Ullensvang municipality, Vestland county, Norway English
2020/10 Reims Aviation SA, FR172K LN-ACA 03.08.2018 Senja, Troms county, Norway Norsk
2020/09 Socata - Groupe Aerospatiale TB 9 SE-LMC 26.01.2020 Hamar airport Stafsberg, Norway Norsk
2020/08 Airbus Helicopters AS 350 B3 LN-OTR 12.09.2017 Laksefjordvidda, Finnmark, Norway Norsk
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