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Investigation of aviation accident at Engeløy airport Elvik, Nordland county, Norway

On Saturday June 6th 2020, the commander took off from the airport with three passengers on board. As the aircraft lifted off, it struck a fence at the end of the grassed runway. The flight continued towards Bodø. Before landing, the aircraft was visually inspected by the crew of another aircraft. They did not see any major damage that would present challenges during landing in Bodø, but they observed what seemed to be a piece of rope attached to the tail section of the aircraft. When the commander was made aware of this, he was able to see from his position in the cockpit, that a length of barbed wire had made a cut approx. 15 cm deep into the left horizontal stabilizer.

The commander made a normal approach and landing. After parking, eight meters of barbed wire were found stuck on the stabilizer. In addition, there were visible damage to the left undercarriage and scratch marks under the belly of the aircraft. The NSIA will initially look at performance and departure techniques from grassed runways.

Status of investigation

The investigation is ongoing.

Latest update: 16.08.2021


Location Engeløy airfield Elvik, Nordland county, Norway (ENEN)
Occurrence date 06.06.2020
ICAO Location indicator ENEN
Aircraft Cessna 172 Skyhawk
Operator Private
Registration LN-LZN
Meteorological conditions VMC
County Nordland
Type of occurrence Accident
Type of operation Private
Category of operation Light, aeroplane (< 5 700kg)
Aircraft category Landplane, Single-engine, Piston engine


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