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Investigation of serious incident 70NM NNE of Bergen, Norway

On Monday 14 November 2016, Scandinavian Airlines Flight SK4144 en route from Bergen to Ålesund experienced control problems after the flight had encountered severe icing.

The airplane, an ATR 72-212A, was climbing towards the planned cruise altitude 17 000 ft, when it became unable to continue the climb due to severe icing at approximately 15 000 ft. This in spite of the aircraft anti- and deicing systems being activated. The crew decided to head towards the coastline, partly in order to escape the icing conditions, and partly to avoid flying over the montainous terrain below. Just after having initiated the turn, the crew experienced problems controlling the airplane, which banked uncontrollably and lost significant altitude.

The crew regained control of the airplane and got out of the icing area. The ice on the airframe disappeared, and the flight continued along a more westerly track than originally planned. The airplane subsequently landed normally at Ålesund Airport, Vigra.

Both the French and the Danish national accident investigation authorities have appointed Accredited Representatives who, together with advisors from ATR, will assist the Accident Investiagtion Board Norway with the investigation.

Status for the investigation

The investigation is ongoing.


Latest update: 07.11.2017


Location 70 NM NNE of Bergen, Norway
Occurrence date 14.11.2016
Aircraft ATR 72
Operator Jet Time A/S
Registration OY-JZC
Meteorological conditions IMC
County Sogn og Fjordane
Type of occurrence Serious incident
Type of operation Scheduled air transport
Category of operation Heavy, aeroplane (> 10 000kg)
Aircraft category Landplane, Multi-engine, Turboprop/turboshaft


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