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Current investigations

Current investigations

Aircraft type Registration Occurrence date Location
Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH DA40 NG LN-PFJ 15.08.2021 Notodden Airport, Tuven (ENNO), Notodden municipality in Vestfold and Telemark county, Norway
Robinson Aircraft Company R44 LN-OGT 17.06.2021 At the E18 road in Eidanger, Vestfold and Telemark County, Norway
Cessna Aircraft Company, 172S LN-AGT 22.05.2021 Reinsvoll Airport, Innlandet county, Norway
Piper Aircraft, Inc., PA-28-161 LN-NAS 11.05.2021 Voss Airport, Bømoen (ENBM), Voss Municipality in Vestland county, Norway
Airbus Helicopters AS 350 B3 LN-OAX 16.11.2020 Sognesand, Sandnes Municipality, Rogaland County, Norway
Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation S-92A LN-OMI 20.10.2020 Approx. 120 NM South West of Stavanger Airport Sola, Norway
Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation S-92A LN-ONQ 25.09.2020 25-30 NM soutwest of Sola (ENZV), Norway
Textron Aviation Inc. U206F LN-FXP 07.08.2020 Bunnefjorden, Nesodden, Norway
Cessna Aircraft Company 172S LN-LZN 06.06.2020 Engeløy airfield Elvik, Nordland county, Norway (ENEN)
Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation S-92A LN-ONT 24.02.2020 Maersk Invincible (XMKI), Valhall oilfield, Norway
Dyn'Aero MCR01 ULC (mikro-/sportsfly) LN-YWE 21.01.2020 Kongsvinger airstrip Gjoelstad, Norway
Bombardier Aerospace Inc. DHC-8-311 LN-WFO 20.01.2020 Approach to Bergen airport Flesland, Norway (ENBR)
Airbus Helicopters AS 350 B3E LN-OFU 31.08.2019 Skoddevarre, south of Alta in Finnmark county, Norway
Alexander Schleicher ASH 31 Mi LN-GOM 03.05.2019 Grinder, Grue community, Hedmark county, Norway
Robinson Helicopter Company R44 II LN-OAL 24.07.2018 Skäckerfjällen mountains, Jämtland, Sweden (close to the Norway - Sweden border)
Beech King-Air B200 LN-NOA 09.04.2018 Stavanger airport Sola
Diamond Aircraft Industries GMbH DA40 NG LN-FTR 21.06.2017 Near Råde Church, Råde municipality in Østfold county / Norway
Boeing Commercial Airplane Group 737-600/700/800NG Diverse 01.07.2016 Thematic investigation