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The Norwegian Safety Investigation Authority (NSIA) has developed a joint safety framework and analysis process for systematic investigations in the four transport disciplines and the defence sector (the NSIA method).

The framework describes how the NSIA collects, organises, analyses and interprets information and data about accidents in a systematic, verifiable manner. It also describes how the NSIA understands accidents, why they occur and how safety can be improved to prevent accidents in future.

The NSIA’s analysis process is divided into seven stages, adapted to the scope of the investigation:

Stage 1: Clarifying the sequence of events and circumstances

Stage 2: Identifying local safety problems = ‘what went wrong’ in the sequence of events

Stage 3: Barrier analysis

Stage 4: Identifying risk factors

Stage 5: Assessing causality and importance

Stage 6: Considering systemic safety problems = areas for improving safety

Stage 7: Assessing the need for safety recommendations.

The document describing the NSIA method can be downloaded from the link below.

Contact person: Coordinator Advisory Staff, Ingvild Ytrehus, e-mail: ingvild.ytrehus[at]nsia.no

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The name in this document is not updated to the new name from 1 July 2020.