The Accident Investigation Board Norway is a public committee of inquiry. The purpose of AIBN investigations is to clarify the sequence of events and factors which are assumed to be of importance for the prevention of transport accidents. The AIBN shall not apportion blame or liability.
  • 20.01.2015

    Report 2015/02

    On Sunday 9 February 2014, an 87-year-old pedestrian was hit by the eastbound metro train at Steinerud level crossing on line 1, the Holmenkollen line. The pedestrian passed the flexible end of the boom after it had been fully lowered. The investigation found that there have b...
  • 15.01.2015

    New investigation of serious railway incident at Atna station

    On Tuesday 6 January, the driver and head conductor on a northbound passenger train on the Røros line observed a fault in the signal pattern at Atna station. When the train was transferring to track 2 in the station area, the main departure signal N displayed a green light during...
  • 09.01.2015

    Report 2015/01

    On Thursday 23 January 2014, a tram derailed at a set of points as it was approaching Jar station in Bærum. The derailment occurred at low speed, and no one was injured. The tram line to Jar station had recently started to operate, and the derailment occurred four days after the ...
  • 18.12.2014

    Report on serious aviation incident south of Sandefjord Airport Torp (ENTO) 22 May 2014, airprox between Socata TBM850 (N97RN) and Diamond DA 42 NG (LN-FTL)

    N97RN departed from runway 18 at Sandefjord airport Torp and climbed through the SID altitude restriction of 4 000 ft. Conflicting aircraft, LN-FTL, was established at 5 000 ft. The crew of LN-FTL made an evasive maneuver and climbed to 5 250 ft. The radar playback showed that th...
  • 12.12.2014

    Report 2014/12

    On 5 July 2014 a Robinson Helicopter Company R44II was caught by a downdraft and impacted ground while hovering low over a bog during reindeer herding. It bounced back into the air and was landed at a suitable place close by. The unintended impact led to minor structural damage. ...
  • 08.12.2014

    Report 2014/05

    On Sunday, 15 December 2013, at approximately 00:10 hours, a bus drove off the road on Rv 4 just north of the Rommen bus stop in Rommen, Oslo. The bus went off the road on the right side and rolled down a slope before coming to a stop below a pedestrian and bicycle path which run...